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Case Studies

With its comprehensive functionality and solution options, Strand7 is the FEA package of choice for a growing number of engineers worldwide and has been extensively used in a wide range of engineering fields.

Analysis of an 80m high-speed catamaran in accordance with Det-Norske Veritas' rules for high-speed light craft (more ...)

Strand7 was used to perform a global strength analysis on an 80m high-speed catamaran vehicular ferry in accordance with Det Norske Veritas' Rules for High-Speed Light Craft (HSLC).

Analysis of a two-stage reduction gearbox for a conveyor drive assembly (more ...)

A natural frequency analysis of the gearbox was carried out to investigate the vibration characteristics of the gearbox shell and assembly. This was carried out in conjunction with physical testing by the client.

Aurora Place Tower (more ...)

The reinforced concrete core in the Aurora Place Tower works integrally with columns and post-tensioned floors to form a combined moment resisting frame.

The distribution of loads to the core, floors and columns due to dead, live, wind and seismic loads was investigated using Strand7. The dynamic response of the structure subject to a spectrum of seismic frequencies was investigated. Buckling analyses were performed to determine the effective lengths of the columns. The submodelling feature in Strand7 was also used to study the actions of structural components in critical areas. (Place mouse on models to see finished tower)