Strand7 - Software

Full-featured finite element analysis - designed and built for Windows®.

Strand7's fully-integrated visual environment - combined with a suite of powerful solvers - gives you unparalleled functionality in a single application. Construct models, run analyses and investigate results simultaneously using a seamless interface
Strand7 is designed and built for Windows. It offers a seamless and easy to learn interface that takes advantage of the windows environment, allowing for context-sensitive help, cut-copy-paste operations (even between models) and unlimited undo. Strand7 imports geometry data from IGES, ACIS and DXF files.
Strand7 lets you build models quickly. Create, delete and manipulate elements with a comprehensive set of tools, automated meshing and unlimited undo. Organize a complicated model into a simple set of parts using the Group Tree. Define your own coordinate systems and beam cross-sections. Check mesh quality with aspect and warping contours and free edge detection. Create sub-models for detailed local analysis.

Strand7 Gives you a range of result options. Visualize results with contour maps, vector maps and X-Y graphs. Use the Peek tool to inspect result quantities at any point, directly on the model. View, sort and filter results with the Result Listings spreadsheet.

Strand7 also offers a full set of previewing and printing tools for documenting and reporting your work. Choose your own fonts, title blocks and logos for a consistent, professional look across all your printing.